Summer 2016: South Africa

This July and August, a dozen or so First Congregational members will be joining me on an overseas mission to South Africa. The purpose of this trip is for transformation in discipleship.

I have heard the argument - can't you do that here? The short answer is 'Absolutely - and we do'. We serve locally at a host of ministries and missions. However, it is often on mission trips - when there is no cell phone access every minute of the day and where all the routines of normalcy are disrupted - that sometimes we are better primed to look and listen for what God may be trying to say to us. Even with measures of extreme poverty in the U.S., there is nothing in these 50 states that can prepare one for the utter poverty for as far as the eye can see in township life. We will wrestle with our own blessings and privileged life in the face of brothers and sisters who struggle daily for survival. We will also be ministering to families with HIV/AIDS, particularly children.

We will be sharing our experiences after worship on a Sunday (TBD) upon our return over an American take on traditional South African fare.

Please keep checking this part of our site as we bring updates and journal entries from our experiences as we serve.

-- Pastor Scott

Summer 2016: Appalachia Service Project Youth Mission

For one week this summer, our youth (age 14+) will head to Tennessee to partner with the Appalachia Service Project. ASP is a Christian ministry, open to all people, that inspires hope and service through volunteer home repair in Central Appalachia. Its vision is that substandard housing will be eradicated and that everyone who comes into contact with this ministry will be transformed.

ASP Guiding Principles:

  • We believe that each person is a child of God imbued with dignity and worth
  • We accept people right where they are and just the way they are
  • We believe that affordable, safe, sanitary housing is a basic human right
  • We are committed to witness through the good quality of our work and careful stewardship of our resources
  • We believe God calls volunteers to serve others as partners in ministry and we will encourage their growth in faith as they are involved in this service
  • We believe where ASP is involved in local communities we will encourage, affirm, and support social and economic justice

For additional information, please click here to visit the ASP website.