Baptism is both an outward and visible sign and symbol of God’s grace, as well as an inward gift and calling into new life with Christ.  In celebrating the gift of Baptism, we believe that one voluntarily enters into the life of discipleship with Christ - dying to their old self and way of living and seeking to be first and foremost those who would live for Christ.  

Baptism reminds us that above all our identity is as children of the Living God, created with intention and purpose to be in relationship with God. Baptism reminds us of Whose we are and who we are before God.  

We celebrate baptism as community, recognizing that Christians are not simply born, but are shaped by watching, learning, and serving with others in faith.   As a church family, when we promise to love a person as Christ loves them, we promise to never withhold or withdraw that love.

At Baptism we receive the grace of God.   God’s grace redeems us, calls us by name, washes of us sin, and invites us into abundant life with Christ. 

Finally, Baptism reminds us that we are part of the story of God and God’s people, and that we do not walk this journey alone.  There have been others who have passed this faith on to us, and we share this Good News of Jesus beyond ourselves.

At First Congregational United Church of Christ we recognize and participate in both infant and adult baptism, although we do encourage parents to strongly consider dedicating their children, raising them in faith, and waiting for them to come to the decision of Baptism on their own. If you are interested in having your child baptized, please contact the church office and Pastor Scott at

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