We remember, in the breaking of bread and the sharing of the cup, all that Christ has taught, lived for, and died for in taking on flesh and blood and living as one of us.    

We seek God’s grace and forgiveness for the sins and broken places in our lives and in our relationships.  We ask God's grace in restoring and repairing those hurts.  The grace that we seek at this table we hope to share beyond it in our everyday lives.

We give thanks praising God for God’s presence in our lives, for the gift of Christ and salvation, and for the blessing of the Holy Spirit.   

We share as a community, with both those present and those who have gone before us, the life of Jesus, recognizing that in the shared life of discipleship we learn, grow, and are challenged in our walk with God.  

There is a place at the table for all!  Jesus gave the bread and cup to all of his disciples, knowing their shortcomings and failures.  At this table, God loves us as we are, but also loves us far too much to leave us “as is”.  For any seeking a deeper, genuine relationship with God, this table is an open invitation. 

You are welcome here; the invitation is not ours, but God's. Here at this table no one is turned away - No Exceptions!