Describe what worship is like when your congregation gathers.

Sunday mornings are clearly a gathering of family - a faith family. On Sunday mornings, you will hear laughter from the pews and see friends sharing smiles, handshakes and hugs. As soon as the music starts, the feeling in the sanctuary changes. A joyousness arises as notes from the piano, saxophone, bass, and drums fill the air. Our Director of Music Ministries selects songs to blend with the message from the pulpit and the Scripture. Her selections include traditional hymns plus contemporary music from popular and well known artists that create an energy in the congregation that makes our worship services unique.

During sermons, the sanctuary is often silent, with congregants listening intently to messages that resonate among the young and old alike, always focused on living out our church’s mission, vision, and values in an increasingly complex world.  Reactions might range from thoughtful to tearful or from joyous to heart breaking - but there is always a reaction.


We have one in-person and online Sunday service at 9:30 a.m. with a coffee hour following in Fellowship Hall.

  • Our music is a mix of contemporary and traditional music, led by vocalist and Director of Music Ministries Kelley Calpin, with Band Director Justin Kono, a dedicated team of professional instrumentalists, and our Chancel Choir

  • Service begins with announcements, followed by the Prelude.

  • A spirit candle, made by one of our youth, is lit by the child and his family.

  • Large screens provide lyrics and inspiring visuals for each part of the service.   

  • The Alleluia Ringers (handbells) and the Junior Choir (1st-6th grade) provide music monthly with occasional singing by the Cherub Choir (3yrs-Kindergarten).

  • Our children attend the service through the Children’s Moment when the youth gather on the steps at the front of the sanctuary to participate in a short discussion on the week’s Scripture, followed by Sunday School.

  • The Children’s Moment is ushered in and out by the congregation singing “Jesus Loves Me.” 

  • Scripture is read by lay volunteers, with liturgical elements ranging from traditional to creative.

  • Service closes with encouragement to remain in the sanctuary for a high-energy Postlude. 

  • Communion is the first Sunday of every month and our table is open to all.