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First Congregational United Church of Christ Downers Grove


1047 Curtiss Street, Downers Grove IL 60515  |

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We seek a second, full-time settled minister to work with intentionality to connect families and individuals to God and to one another, empowering and equipping them in their faith journeys to be sent into the world in ministry.  The Minister of Faith Formation will serve as the primary pastoral care resource for children, youth, and their families and will report to the Church Council and will supervise the Sunday School Coordinators. 

They will partner with our Senior Minister to inspire, lead, and prepare us to live our mission, vision, and values as a congregation. The Faith Formation Minister will oversee Sunday school and Vacation Bible School and share Confirmation and Youth Ministry programs with the Senior Minister.

We are a church that takes the Gospel as a guide for inclusion, not exclusion; one that engages everyone in challenging questions of faith and justice; one that has been building bridges in our community and the world for more than 157 years and has fun doing it.

Our Mission: To connect people with God and one another to serve, live, and love – guided by Christ.

Our Vision:  A more just, compassionate world, united in God’s love.

Our Values:  As an Open and Affirming United Church of Christ, we seek to:

• Lead with love

• Nurture faith as a lifelong journey

• Engage with Scripture

• Embrace diversity and value all people

• Hold sacred God’s creation

• Advocate for peace and justice

• Serve our local, national, and global communities

• Share joy, hope, and kindnes

What We Value about LIving in our Area

With our church located in vibrant downtown Downers Grove, we enjoy restaurants, coffee shops, small specialty stores, and festivals, parades, and special events that our dynamic village hosts.Throughout the summer, on Saturday mornings, crowds descend on the Farmers Market, families play in Fishel Park (behind our church), fitness enthusiasts ride bikes or visit yoga studios while people and their dogs stroll through the downtown. 

Music from free concerts in Fishel Park fills the air every Tuesday evening with crowds passing our historic building. In the cold months of the winter, the community enjoys an annual Ice Festival and a Pancake Breakfast at our church. Daily commuters to downtown Chicago utilize the train station one block from our church. The award-winning Downers Grove Library is directly across the street from our church with streams of children, adults, teens, and families visiting. 

We value our community that frequently offers charitable efforts such as memorial walks, fundraising events, and panel discussions on topics such as gun safety. Our community values education and the arts, has highly ranked schools, and was named one of the Top 10 Livable Cities for Kids by Downers Grove has also been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s Friendliest Towns.

Current size of membership: 514 plus hundreds of online followers

Languages used in ministry (other than English): None

Position Title: Minister of Faith Formation

Position Duration: Settled

Compensation Level: Full Time

Does the total support package meet conference compensation guidelines? Yes

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