From our members

At this church, everyone is welcome as they are - in jeans, suits, and everything in between - truly a mix of formal and informal. The worship service is eclectic in liturgy and music. You may hear piano or pipe organ, acoustic or electric band, classical pieces or traditional hymns. Everything about this church says "whoever you are, you are welcome."  Dave Humphreys

First Congregational UCC epitomizes what Jesus WOULD do. Helping those in need, sheltering the homeless, feeding the hungry, openly welcoming to all regardless of race, gender preference or station in life. Marty Schranz

There are so many opportunities to participate in promoting peace, caring for the environment, providing safe haven for those in need, building bridges of understanding, and most importantly, spreading the love of Christ.  Karen Nachtigall

My family has attended here back to my Great Grandparents. I have always felt loved and cared about by all the minute I step through the doors...I walk out feeling renewed after a service and that all will be okay in my life.  Stacey Poulter

I have some of the greatest memories growing up with God’s love..., the never ending support from my church family...I want this for my children as they begin their faith journeys, as I continue mine. Courtney McHugh

We found a wonderful, welcoming community where we could raise our boys, and grow ourselves as well by participating in some of the many ministries, committees, and outreach programs First Congregational offers. Gail Clark