Environmental Stewardship

Caring for Creation: 

This team educates the congregation on climate and environmental issues, teaching stewardship of God’s creation. The Buildings and Grounds committee tries to incorporate practices to make our building as green as possible.   


While doing an environmental science lesson, some elementary students went on a webquest on sustainability and visited our web page. They decided it would be nice to return the favor, so they wanted to share a good resource with us!  Part of their project was learning about steps we can take as individuals to be more eco-friendly, and they picked out a great guide to green shopping.... "Guide to Green Shopping" - https://www.jomashop.com/blog/articles/guide-to-green-shopping.  It has great info on sustainable shopping, buying green, and buying local, so they thought it'd be a helpful link!  


CONTACT: Laurel Carlson - lacduke@comcast.net