3c Congregational Demographics

Congregational Demographics

Percentage of adults in various employment types:

We do not collect or estimate employment information.

Describe the range of occupations of working adults in the congregation:

The majority of the congregation are professionals specializing in education, healthcare, business, and the arts.   

Describe the mix of ethnic heritages in your congregation, and the overall racial make-up. Most UCC congregations tend to describe themselves as “diverse.” Yet, the vast majority of UCC congregations are mono-cultural. What does diversity mean in your context?

We are diverse socio-economically with a mix of blue collar and white collar. We estimate our congregation to be 5% non-Caucasian including: Asian, Native American, African, and Hispanic. We are Open and Affirming (ONA).

Has your congregation recently had a conversation about welcoming diversity, or do you plan to hold one in the near future (perhaps using, for example, the Welcoming Diversity Inventory)? 

As a congregation, one of our values is to embrace diversity and value all people. We welcome everyone regardless of race, age, gender identity, mental health status, etc. opening our Sunday services with “Whoever you are and wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

We have not engaged  in a formal dialog about how we can intentionally be more diverse outside of our normal welcome and hospitality, but we are very open to do so. We do hold conversations about race and points of disadvantage/advantage due to race and poverty from the pulpit, in Faith Formation, and in our ministries.  

We live our mission “To connect people with God and one another to serve, live, and love – guided by Christ '' by supporting the Community Kitchen for those who are food insecure and the Shower Ministry for the unhoused in our area. UCCDG is a church member of DuPage United, an inclusive, non-profit, non-partisan organization of civil society institutions, and many in our congregation have participated in social justice events such as Black Lives Matter, LGBQT2IA+ Pride, Night Ministry, etc.

3d Participation and Staffing

Meet our staff.

Because of the pandemic our programming changed drastically with everything possible moving online. In-person programming and attendance is expanding in 2022-23 as members become more comfortable participating in person.