PROFILE Table of Contents


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Position Posting

1a Listing Information

     Summary Ministry Description

     What we value about living in our area

1b Scope of Work      

     1c Compensation and Support

     1d Who is God calling to minister with us?

     The Marks of Faithful & Effective Authorized Ministry

2 Who is God calling us to become?

3 Who are we now?

     3a Congregational Reflections

Describe what worship is like when your congregation gathers

Describe the educational/ Faith Formation Vision of your church


Describe how ministries are organized

     Describe how church leadership handled a crisis

3b 11 Year Report

      3c Demographics
     3d Participation and Staffing

3e Church Finances

3f Historical Information

Who is our neighbor? 

     4a Community Vision

4b Mission Insite

     Trends and opportunities

     How demographics shape ministry

     What do you hear from community leaders

5 References

6 Closing Thoughts - Closing Prayer