Describe what worship is like when your congregation gathers.

On Sunday mornings, you will hear laughter from the pews and see people sharing smiles, handshakes and hugs. As soon as the music starts, whether by the band or the choir, the feeling in the sanctuary changes. Emotions rise as notes from the piano, saxophone, bass, and drums fill the air. 

Our music is an eclectic mix, led by vocalist and Director of Music Ministries Kelley Calpin, with Band Director Justin Kono, and a dedicated team of professional musicians. The music is specially chosen for each service to blend with the message from the pulpit and Scripture. Contemporary music from popular and well-known artists combined with traditional hymns creates an energy in the congregation that makes our worship services unique. 

The reputation of our music and how it enhances our services has become so widespread that we were asked to lead a worship conference workshop on music and spoken word with other mainline area churches at Elmhurst College. 

Our services are thematic and engaging. Skits and special readings involving kids, youth, and adults from our congregation often add a new dimension. Inspiring visuals, Scripture verses, and song lyrics  are projected making it easier for congregants to participate. 

During sermons, the sanctuary is often silent, with congregants listening intently to messages that resonate among the young and old alike, always focused on living out our church’s mission, vision, and values in an increasingly complex world. Reactions might range from thoughtful to tearful or from joyous to heart breaking - but there is always a reaction. We always end with a joyous postlude, leaving us recharged and refueled, inspired to be joyous and bring the good news to others.